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What Is Acupuncture and How Does it Work?

The original term for acupuncture is actually called ‘needling ‘therapy’. In an acupuncture treatment, fine needles – small enough to fit inside a needle used to draw blood – are gently inserted into various points or areas of the body to treat many different diseases. This technique dates back to around 800 BCE, when steal needles were originally developed.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

On a basic level, acupuncture needles are inserted into “acu-points”. These acu-points are points of intersection between blood vessels and nerves. By stimulating these points or areas, acupuncture creates a healing response in the body. This healing response is primarily seen due to acupuncture’s effects on blood flow and on the nervous system. The blood transports and delivers oxygen, nutrients, hormones, and other vital substances, which are critical for healing. As well, due to acupuncture’s effects on the nervous system, an acupuncturist is able to regulate a myriad of functional activities necessary to maintain life, and treat a patient.

Does Acupuncture Hurt?

The short answer is no! Acupuncture needles are so thin and flexible, that almost nothing is felt upon insertion. Having said that, once the needles are retained you may experience some different sensations. Some patients feel a heaviness, numbness, itching, warmth, or other sensations unique to them. Acupuncture is far more scary to think about, then to actually experience!

Benefits of Acupuncture?

  • pain and stress relief
  • fertility and IVF / IUI support
  • injuries, muscle pain, nerve pain and arthritis, migraines
  • allergies, balance immune system
  • digestive disorders, increase energy and metabolism, lose weight
  • depression, anxiety, stress
  • facial rejuvenation
  • women’s health
  • promote healing!

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