Advanced Podortho® Nursing Foot Care Course

Advanced Podortho® Nursing Foot Care Course


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Advanced Podortho® Nursing Foot Care Course



Module 1 (Theory – 2 Days)
Live on-line theory with Erin King – Director of Education.

Module 2 (3 practicum days)
Will be scheduled with facilitator at the location the student chooses once theory portion is complete.

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This program begins with general nursing foot care concepts and transitions into the most advanced concepts considering nurses will work to their full scope of practice and to offer a wide range of foot and lower limb care in communities across Ontario, Canada.

Module 1 (Theory – 2 Days)

  • Live on-line theory with Erin King – Director of Education.
  • Biomechanics lesson is online and must be attended on scheduled date (facilitator will advise).
  • Ottawa location theory is online and can be done in both English and French.

Module 2 (3 practicum days)

  • Will be scheduled with facilitator at the location the student chooses once theory portion is complete.
  • 1 on 1 skills training in clinic setting with mentor.
  • Booked with clinic facility once theory portion is completed.
  • Multiple case studies each day with many different elements requiring advanced care.
  • Student will perform Podortho® Nurse assessments, patient care, evaluation, patient health teaching and documentation observed by instructor.

Module 3 (Independent Study)

  • Chapter questions and assignments (submitted by student to instructor online).
  • working documents are provided to students through online portal once registered.

Module 4 (OPNA Provincial Podortho® Nursing Exam)

  • In person exam and is typically booked on the last clinical day however can be booked with facilitator to write when ready to do so. It is recommended exam be written after modules 1, 2, and 3 have been completed.

Course Guidelines & Expectations

This course is designed to guide the Nurse through our post graduate education program. Each student will be required to conduct some of their own research and possess the competencies to analysis and assess related information and transition this into their own practice.

Students will be required to complete reading assignments in the textbook provided with this program. Complete all chapter questions and assignments and submit to their facilitator.

Students will have the opportunity to work with many clients in professional clinic settings alongside their mentor’s. Skills practice is one on one with mentor and one client providing guided hands-on practice promoting a relaxed practice environment allowing the student to observe techniques for each type of treatment. Mentor will provide demonstration, and student will be able to practice each individual skill under the direction of their mentor who works along side them.

Attendance is 100% mandatory to successfully complete this program. All our facilitator’s will do their best to accommodate students who are traveling from a distance in terms of scheduling clinical days and will be scheduled in advance according to the clinic and students schedule.

Student packages will be mailed out to students to the address provided on the registration form once registration form is completed and emailed to

Registration forms must be emailed in one week prior to theory start date to allow for shipping time and receipt of course materials.

Course Grading

All modules achieved and mark above 75%

Our program qualifies for reimbursement through the Nursing Education Initiative (NEI) government program up to $1,500.00 per Annum. Applications are submitted through;


All modules must be completed in full prior to receiving documentation to submit with your NEI application.

All students must have their “Professional Liability Protective Insurance insurance” up to date prior to clinical placement as per CNO.

Liability Insurance can be obtained through;


Additional information

Clinical Location

Alexandria, Barrie, Cornwall, London, Oshawa, Ottawa – West, University of Ottawa, Windsor

Theory Date (Online via Zoom)

August 24th-25th 2022, September 7th-8th 2022, September 24th-25th 2022, October 5th-6th 2022, October 22nd-23rd 2022, November 9th-10th 2022, December 6th-7th 2022, January 14th-15th 2023, January 17th-18th 2023, February 7th-8th 2023, February 28th-29th 2023, March 14th-15th 2023, March 28th-29th 2023