Podortho® Textbook

Feet For Life Podortho® Nursing Advanced Foot & Lower Limb Care

Official Podortho® Nursing Textbook

This advanced foot and lower limb care textbook is intended to support continuing education for Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses, and Registered Nurses Extended Class (Nurse Practitioners) who wish to obtain post-graduate education studies in foot and lower limb care and become experts in this specialized field of care. Further to this, upon receiving a completion grade in this comprehensive program and joining as a member of the not-for-profit organization, The Ontario Podortho® Nursing Association Inc., practitioners will be able to utilize the trademark title, Podortho® Foot Specialist.

This textbook is a resource tool for classroom and clinical instruction prepared by Erin King, a Registered Practical Nurse and Podortho® Foot Specialist. Erin has two decades of community and private practice experience, specializing in advanced foot and lower limb care. Erin has complied twenty years of her knowledge in practice to share with her readers.

Studying and practicing Podortho® Nursing is an exciting journey. Erin King’s Advanced Nursing Foot and Lower Limb Care course provides each practitioner with cutting-edge skills and theoretical knowledge to deliver all-encompassing care to meet their client’s foot and lower limb health care needs. Practitioners are taught how to address their clients’ initial foot and lower limb concerns and translate how those conditions affect one’s overall health related quality of life. Additionally, practitioners will learn concepts involving prevention strategies and the importance of providing nursing health education as a central component of care thus, empowering their clients. Nurses will advance their knowledge and skills utilizing new technologies, advanced instrumentation and the incorporation of holistic treatment to augment their practices. 

Feet for Life School of Podortho® Nursing Textbook

Podortho® Textbook