IV Vitamin Therapy

IV Vitamin Therapy

What is IV Vitamin Therapy?

IV Drip treatments are known to provide the body with the essential vitamins and minerals it requires by injecting the solution directly into the bloodstream. This facilitates a very high absorption rate and, because it is fast-acting, delivers efficient results immediately after finishing the treatment.

What is involved in IV Vitamin Therapy at our Wellness Clinic?

Our patients first appointment is booked with our Medical Director/Nurse Practitioner who will discuss your goals and set up a plan of care, Clinic Nurses will do an assessment which includes going over your plan of care discussed with the Nurse Practitioner, taking your blood pressure, explaining the process, answering your questions and starting your IV. Your IV vitamin drip session will last approximately 45-50 minutes in our relaxing calming IV room with reclining massage chairs and blankets if you wish to nap or just zen out. Once your IV drip has finished our Nurses will gently remove it and check your blood pressure again and discuss your long term wellness goals prior to leaving. 

What makes IV drip treatment better than taking a supplement?

Usually, vitamin supplements are taken orally and go through the digestie system, which may cause gastrointestinal intolerance and often are poorly absorbed. With IV drips, the body recieves the vitamins and minerals by injecting the solution directly into the bloodstream; a process that bypasses the digestive system and allows clients to feel the positie effects instantly.

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IV Vitamin Therapy