Erin King

Erin King

CEO / Director of Education, Registered Practical Nurse, Podortho®️ Nurse, Published Author

Erin King is the owner and Director of care of her business Feet for Life Medical Foot Care Ltd. / Health for Life Nurse LED Wellness Clinic. She is the Director of Education for Feet for Life School of Podortho Nursing and delivers her education program at her Barrie clinic location. Erin works with Nursing Foot Care Educators who deliver her Advanced Nursing Foot Care curriculum now offered in eight teaching locations across the province of Ontario. Erin has designed a comprehensive program to ensure her students complete her education program with confidence and highly skilled techniques and competencies to provide best practices in foot and lower limb care within a Nurses advancing scope of practice to best service their clients foot and lower limb needs.

Erin recognizes the need for quality client health care in our communities across Ontario and continues to focus on the needs of the public by diversifying her business model adding to the services in her clinic with like minded health care practitioners offering a wide range of health care services to support our community needs at her Health for Life Nurse LED Wellness Clinic.

About Erin

Erin graduated as a Registered Practical Foot Specialist studying the healing curriculum both in the RN and RPN programs and obtained post graduate studies in foot and lower limb care in the field of Podiatry. Erin’s philosophy is that Nurses deliver a high standard of care and competencies when providing client care, and offer a whole of care approach. It is her priority to ensure her nursing staff provide through assessments, develop comprehensive nursing care plans to treat their clients concerns to deliver the highest standards of care that is result oriented.

Erin’s clinic promotes preventative strategies through the delivery of care, health teaching and utilizes non invasive technologies and evidence-based treatments to promote mobility, comfort and health and wellness. Our Nurses strive to support our client’s health goals by implementing a plan of care that is affordable and realistic understanding everyone’s health related quality of life is essential to living their best life.  

The Feet for Life Podortho® Foot Specialist team delivers foot and lower limb care competently and have obtained post graduate studies adding to their entry to practice competencies working within their scope of nursing practices to their full scope of practice to ensure clients receive the care they require. Podortho® Foot Specialists are well educated in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, pathophysiology of human body in its entirety and understand the physical and emotional impact lower limb and foot conditions impact one’s overall health and well being.

Nurses are Regulated Health Care Providers and are held to the highest standard of care and competencies through maintaining their license with the College of Nurses of Ontario. Podortho® Foot Specialists are also members of The Ontario Foot Care Association and are recognized by most major insurance companies for clients submitting claims to their private health benefits.

Foot Care is artistic in its scope, practice and cure and plays a vital role to one’s health related to quality of life.

King, E.D.


Erin’s long terms goals are to continue to increase awareness provincially of the Podortho® Foot Specialist role in our communities across Ontario and to recognize the growing need for foot and lower limb care services and the quality-of-care nurses deliver in our communities in the home and in Nurse LED clinics.

Podortho® Foot Specialists possess the knowledge, skill and judgment to lead in the discipline of foot and lower limb care and incorporate a practical evidence-based approach to their delivery of care.

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