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Foot Care Facilitator


Role : Facilitator
Specialist in : Registered Nurse / Podortho® Nurse


About Sarab

Sarab is the proud Co-founder and Clinical Director of her clinic in Ottawa, Ontario. After completing her bachelor’s in health sciences and her bachelor’s in nursing, Sarab began her career practicing medical-surgical nursing. It was not long before then that she quickly transferred to the emergency department where she spent the next 5 and a half years developing professional expertise as in emergency room nurse in various settings including resuscitation, trauma, triage and care facilitator. Thriving for continuous professional development, she completed her post graduate studies in Basic and Advanced Nursing Foot Care, as well as many other continuous education programs related to foot and lower limb care. With a passion for holistic health and wellness, she proudly co-founded Ottawa’s first wellness centre owned and operated by a registered nurse.

Sarab believed in offering her community the Soul to Sole experience. With this mind, she believes that your health and wellness start with a strong foundation: your feet! She also believes that as a Registered Nurse and Podortho Nurse, she has a solid role in promoting healthy lower limbs and feet, as well as preventing diseases and complications. A few months after opening her clinic, she has expanded her team and her network with other practitioners who truly believe in her Soul to Sole philosophy.

Sarab has always been passionate about teaching and has been a contract teacher for registered practical nursing students in her area since 2015. An advocate by nature, she loves teaching because it allows her to empower her students with knowledge, leadership skills and confidence. As a nursing educator and mentor, she aspires her students to continuously thrive and believe in themselves.

Sarab and her team are excited to be part of Feet for Life School of Podortho Nursing’s educational team. Sarab looks forward in welcoming Podortho nursing students and assisting them in obtaining the highest level of education in nursing foot and lower limb care available in Ontario.

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