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Foot Care Facilitator


Role : Facilitator
Specialist in : Registered Practical Nurse / Podortho® Nurse


About Natalie

Natalie has worked in several areas of health care since 2007 including working along side Physicians, Physiotherapists, Pedorthists, Chiropodists and in the role as a Personal Support Worker before obtaining her license as a Registered Practical Nurse.

Natalie credits her extensive knowledge in geriatrics to her experiences working in Long Term Care and was part of a multidisciplinary team for 7 years. She was involved in many roles including supervisor, wound care provider, behavioural support (BSO), Dementia care, MDS-RAI, to name a few.

Natalie obtained her post graduate certificate in advanced foot and lower limb care and fell in love with this specialty immediately although recognized the level of education and clinical experiences offered at the college level was not sufficient, so she sought out Feet for Life School of Podortho Nursing and completed additional training and education through the Podortho Nurse Bridge Program.

Natalie took a huge risk during a Pandemic and decided to open her very own clinic in North Oshawa. It turned out to be the best risk ever taken. Within 6 months, Natalie has gone on to hire more nurses to assist patients within her clinic due to the high demand and is excited to continue expanding her practice as a Podortho Nurse and sharing her wealth of knowledge with her students. Her clinic started as a small mobile foot care business which led to owning her own successful clinic and mobile practice today.

Natalie has a huge passion for helping people and making them feel their best. She genuinely enjoys the one-on-one time and therapeutic relationships developed with her patients and developing care plans that fit their lifestyle and health care goals. Natalie’s nursing philosophy has always been to provide patient/client focused care encompassing a whole care approach.

The footcare industry offers an essential service ensuring our population remains active, mobile, and healthy and has allowed Natalie to enjoy her career which offers a balanced work life for her and her family. Working in the field of Podiatry for many years, Natalie has recognized the significant need for this care in her community and the shortage of regulated health care providers that are able to offer this level of care. The knowledge and skills Natalie has obtained over her years of education allows her to work confidently in her practice and plans to instill this confidence in her students once completing the Feet for Life School of Podortho Nursing program.

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